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Zimbabwean woman who tossed her bra at Burna The young man begs him to marry her.

A woman who attended a Burna Boy performance in Zimbabwe has appealed with the Nigerian artist to marry her after videos of her antics at the headline event went viral.

Ellen Tsaura, a Zimbabwean socialite, urged Burna Boy to marry her because her lover had dumped her over him.

Ellen reportedly tossed her black brassiere at Burna Boy during his performance at Harare’s Belgravia Sports Club in June 2022.

The lovely lady shared a news item about her proclamation of love for the Nigerian artist on Twitter.

Ellen claimed that the newest man she dumped was the fifth lover she had broken up with because of the incident. “I broke up with my boyfriend,” she wrote.

Burna Boy previously told American singer P Diddy not to challenge him on the dancefloor or he will shame him for the rest of his life, according to

The two celebs are quite close. Diddy was one of the executive producers on Burna Boy’s ‘Twice as Tall’ album, which earned him a Grammy nomination.

According to the source, Diddy challenged the Nigerian rapper to a dance combat, but Burna Boy jokingly cautioned him of the grave consequences.

The two musicians were in New York, USA, for a star-studded party. Burna, 31, warned Diddy, 53, that he was getting older and would be unable to keep up with his skills.

Burna Boy issued a warning to his compatriot, saying, “Hey fam, OG! I don’t think you realize you’re an old man, and I don’t want to embarrass you right now. Don’t bother inviting me to the dance floor; I’ve been kinging that sh*t.

“I’ll give you that you’re the king of the records. But don’t call me on the dance floor, it’ll be awkward for you.”


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