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Why I don’t Think True Love Exists – Ofori Amponsah

Although majority of Ofori Amponsah’s songs have romantic themes, he recently admitted in an interview with Graphic Showbiz that he doesn’t believe in true love.

In addition, he admitted that he is not romantic and finds it challenging to propose to a lady since he fears being let down.

Based on the aforementioned, the former Daddy Lumba disciple claimed he doesn’t believe in true love because those who rapidly declare their love for you are almost always able to do you harm.

“I watch my back when it comes to folks that adore me. Most people who claim to love you would prefer to do you harm. Look at the instance where a police inspector killed his lover. How is it possible to say you love someone before killing them? The final thing you should consider if you say you love someone is hurting them.

The very last thing I expect from a woman in this world is for her to adore me. When a woman begins to express her affections for me, I fear for my life, he said.

He explained the cause of his protracted departure from the mainstream towards the interview’s conclusion. He claims that his lack of activity recently is due to his involvement with He is getting ready to return despite doing numerous things.


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