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Tonto Dikeh is planning to sue Yvonne Nelson for slander, according to Ruthy.

Popular Nigerian musician Iyanya and ace Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson were the buzz of the African continent in 2012 due to their romantic relationship.

In the course of the relationship’s development, the singer made reference to Yvonne Nelson in one of his hugely popular commercial songs, “Your Waist,” which was released in 2013. To the surprise of their fans, the couple broke up without providing any explanations to those who had assumed the relationship would end in marriage.

The Ghanaian actress revealed in an explosive memoir titled “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” that Iyanya had cheated on her with Tonto Dikeh, which ultimately caused the breakdown of Yvonne’s relationship with Iyanya.

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Tonto Dikeh is furious over this disclosure and plans to sue for defamation as a result, according to checks done by Ruthy, a very outspoken showbiz figure in Ghana.

Ruthy claims that Tonto Dikeh’s camp is on fire because they believe Yvonne Nelson’s controversial biography has the potential to damage their reputation and that they must come clean by filing a defamation case.


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