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Home Remedies For the Prevention of Stomach Ache


Stomach ache is an ordinary medical problem that can affect an individual irrespective of age or gender. It is characterized by pain in the region between the groin and the chest. Stomach ache can be caused by a variety of things, such as eating junk food, ulcers, indigestion or chronic constipation. If the stomach ache is not indicative of a severe problem such as appendicitis, it can be prevented and cured naturally, without causing any damage to the body.

The first and foremost way of avoiding stomach ache is to eat fresh, healthy food. In general, if food is appealing and delicious, one tends to eat more, but overeating can be a major cause of stomach pain. So it is crucial to keep in mind that the food must be chewed and savored well, as this is the best way to digest food properly. If you eat food too quickly, you will vastly increase your chances of having an upset stomach.

Another natural way to prevent stomach ache is to ensure that you consume food in small quantities. This will in turn, relax the stomach and aid in the process of digestion. Also, avoiding eating junk food is good for the health, and helps you to keep fit. Fried foods, baked treats and sodas are always tempting, but they also tend to create problems for the stomach. Excessive fats can make the process of digestion slower and cause tummy troubles.

There are various home remedies available that can be highly effective in dealing with stomach ache. They are:

– Lemon tea – Lemon tea with honey and ginger juice can provide immediate relief from an upset stomach.

– Onion Juice – When the pain is due to indigestion, a good remedy is onion juice mixed with black pepper and honey.

Ginger Juice – If you have stomach ache with diarrhea, you can try applying ginger juice directly onto the abdominal area, and particularly to the belly button. Ginger is a very effective herb, and helps in the general functioning of the stomach. Ginger aids greatly in the digestive process: you can eat a few chunks of fresh ginger before each meal, or make the ginger up into a tea in order for it to work quickly.

– Water – Drinking large amounts of water is a good natural remedy for curing and preventing stomach ache. This aids proper bowel movement, thereby avoiding the chances of getting stomach problems.

– Yogurt – Yogurt aids the digestion of food, so try to eat this daily.

– Cinnamon – Dissolving ground cinnamon in warm water, creates a drink that will help to reduce flatulence or diarrhea.

– Chamomile and peppermint – These two herbs are great natural remedies for the cure of stomach ache. They work with each other in order to ease a distressed stomach, and to stop stomach spasms.

– Green Vegetables – Leafy or green vegetables also ensure an easy bowel movement. It is a good idea to avoid caffeine, smoking, spicy food and alcohol in order to ensure good health.

Although antibiotics can be taken for the relief of stomach ache, it is best to follow natural remedies that can provide relief without any side effects.


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