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 Gizella Tetteh-Agbotui’s Development Expedition, An Unparalleled Novelty In Our Body Politics

Awutu Senya West has been represented in the past by different personalities from both the NDC and NPP. Interestingly, from different ideological, professional, academic and personal make ups of attitude, each of them can be said to have made respective and considerable contribution which in most cases the subject of performance or achievements generate fierce score card controversies. That notwithstanding, there is something particular about Hon. Gizella Tetteh-Agbotui, the current Member of Parliament that indisputably set her apart from previous legislators gaining for her and that of the constituency, tremendous political recognition at the national level with her impressive performance on the appointment committee being a verifiable vindicator.

In what demonstrates a noble quality of her exceptional leadership, resolve to help build collaborative efforts, join forces to collectively develop human capital resources, improve services, infrastructure and passion to touch lives across the constituency has attracted a certain stunt from immediate past member of parliament who is interestingly launching a funny come back with his henchmen. Surprisely, some senior and junior staff of Awutu Senya Dstrict Assembly who are supposed to play neutrality game have also given themselves up for manipulation against the good.

I see the challenge of not having central government formed from ones political party which peculiarly give rise to needless adversarial politicking in our part of the country. Regardless of the monstrously calculated sabotage and machevalianism to frustrate her tenure, she moves like juggernaut without recourse to leviathan. Of course she has the right attitude and positive mindset for her new career that arguably has been the main oxygen for her drive. Am yet to see a legislator in our 21st century Ghanaian body politics in such an acceleration to bring development to enhance quality of life for her constituents.

She is on expedition trip relentlessly scouting for opportunities and knocking on precious doors. I see obsession for development in her eyes anytime we catch eyes. Through regular activation of useful networks I witness her lobby and push for minor and major things. As a development oriented person, she sees and knows opportunities come in pieces and sometimes unrefined. She has uncommon general technical know-how on fine-tuning and perfecting raw opportunities. I must genuinely admit she has a deeper understanding of how layers and pieces of opportunities and development confluence for the general good. From clsoe observation, i must say her sterling performance so far in politics is partly attributable to her idiosyncratic innovation ideas and ingenuity.

Hon. Gizella Tetteh-Agbotui is hungry for more to change the narrative and break the oppressive dominance of historical one term for members of parliament in Awutu Senya West that has earned for it the swing constituency tag. She has raise the bar of leadership with her performance so far and given her intense resilience, collaborative and general disposition, it is obvious Awutu Senya West has found the person with the right ingredients to deliver her from development deficit. By dint of hardwork, perseverance, endurance, ingenuity, she has recorded underlisted successes and others within this 8 months period as MP and still counting.

1. Reshaping of town roads at Beraku, Bawjiase, Papaase, Jamaica as part of her Infrastructure Infrastructure Accelerated Program (ITAP)

2. Skills Training in liquid Soap, sanitizer and beads making with startup kits for constituents held at Bontrase

3. Training over 30 participants On Financial Planning And Independence at Bawjiase, facilitated by Mr. Paul Mante of Ecobank EDC

4. Presentation of 30 Scholarships to Tertiary students.

5. Organised and led guidance, counselling and mentorship programs at Senya SHS, Bontrase Sec. Tech, Awutu Winton SHS and Bawjiase SHS.

6. Supported and Facilitated registration of 200 businesses, craftmen and artisans unto NBSSI program to formalize their businesses to attract supports.

7. Sponsored constituents to undergo apprenticeship program at Design and Technology Institute, a top TVET school in Ghana.

8. Lobbied for the drilling of new boreholes at  Kwaman and Fianko by NGO and repair of faulty boreholes, pipe lines ie. Kawanopado as well 

9. Presentation of dual desk to Bontrase Sec. Tech. Sch. 

10. Refurbishment of various school buildings including Bawjiase Anglican school, Nurea Islamic school, Kwaman Basic Schools

11. Donation of bags cement to support the construction of Bawjiase Poly Clinic project, Awutu Traditional Council offices and several other projects across the constituency.

12. Free rotational eye screening and surgeries.

13. Presentation of tool kits such as hairdryers and sewing machines to graduands of Apprenticeship.

14. Presentation of sanitation tools such as  wheelbarrow, Wellington boots, rakes, machetes to various electoral areas for communal labour. 

15. Refurbishment of two football parks in Bawjiase and Beraku respectively for improved sporting activities 

16. Payment of medical bills for financially distressed constituents.

17. Facilitated training of over 60 youths in digital and satellite installations. This initiative has however heartened a Ghanaian famous blogger who goes by the name Wan Gh, but medially  famed secretghnewsdotcom.

Source: Secretghnewsdotcom 

18. Supported the construction of KG Block by HEFY, American NGO.


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