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During a foreign interview, I was going to lie and state that Yaw Dabo is 24 years old, but I changed my mind.

Yaw Dabo has said that during the interview he gave to Spanish media site Marca, he was hesitant to divulge his own age, but integrity and credibility overcame him.

Yaw Dabo is currently trending on the Ghanaian online scene, as this website previously revealed how the Kumawood actor turned football administrator went viral after a journalist from Marca in Spain interviewed him right after the thrilling Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester City.
The Ghanaian actor apparently drew the attention of the unnamed journalist who was randomly questioning soccer fans outside the stadium after watching the dramatic, 1-1 semifinal match between Real Madrid and Manchester City at Santiago Bernabeu.

Dabo enthusiastically discussed the matter in a brand-new interview on Wontumi TV. The actor claimed that he almost told the truth when the journalist asked him about his age after being clearly impressed by his insights and judgment of the game.

“I didn’t want to divulge my age when the white man inquired about it. If you viewed the film, you would see that I was a little apprehensive and wanted to change my age, but I thought twice about it since I was there to receive assistance for my club.

“I decided to state that I am 24 years old because some of these immigrants value honesty and devotion. We then continued the interview when the interviewer stated, “Respect, respect,” Dabo said.


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